Shane Mullan:
Web application designer and developer.

Shane Mullan:
Web application designer and developer.





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I’m currently a web application designer and developer based in Oxfordshire. Having began my career as a web application designer and developer in 2009, I have since created quality sites for both major and freelance projects. By working at BBC- NI for over 2 years, creating applications for presenters to use on air to web applications for use by technical staff or mobile applications that the public has used during live events, I’ve created applications and software systems that have involved both audience engagement and accessibility on a personal and broadcasted setting.

I currently work for Brainomix which is a start-up in Oxford. I design and build the flag ship e-ASPECTS which should be launched soon. There's a demo on the their website so give it a try. In my spare time I design and build other web applications which I’ll be launching soon.

With the nature of my current work and with the BBC, a large majority is produced for internal use only. Due to this, I am unable to give links but can provide a list of my projects shown through screenshots.

Web applications


Hive is a application which allows people to broadcast video/audio from pretty much anywhere. Recently it was used by BBC News World wide to do the first live video feed from Everest's summit. For this application I created different assets for the UI, Logo and background.


Soapbox is a web application used on various television shows to allow the public to contribute to shows. The great thing about this system is that a user could control multiple skype engines and make calls, moderate them, and the ability to pick what callers are on the air. This system works with various devices such as tablets for presenters, touch screen monitors for the director and normal desktop computers for operators and moderators.


Arc is short for archive. We were asked to build a replacement for an old desktop application that stored all the old audio recordings that the bbc has done over the years. We created a web application that would allow them to access the information from pretty much anywhere aslong as they are securely connected within the BBC network.


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BBC NI Technology

This was the first project that I did for the BBC. I was tasked with creating a site that would promote the skills and resources that the department has available. I spent quite a while researching the department and the people that make it what it is. This allowed me to see what the key selling points of the department where. So I used these as a focus for the design of the site.

Gateway NI

This project involves a complete redesign of the intranet gateway for Northern Ireland. This project involves me creating the site using the CMS Immediacy. This project was really enjoyable because of how many different people will be accessing the site and trying to meet the needs of these users.


This site was created to advertise the different services that the BBC NI studios and departments have to offer. I decided to focus more on the content on this site, so I decided not to have too many distractions on the site. Everything on the site has a distinct purpose and there’s no wasted time or effort on the user’s side to try and get the information that they require. You can check it out here.


This is a freelance project that I did. It was for a local psychotherapist/counseller who was looking to increase the amount of clients that she could work with. This is the first site that I built using the mobile first method and also to be responsive to multiple devices. It was also built on the wordpress platform.

Proms + Tennents Vital

This project involved creating a site which was accessible through a closed Wi-Fi network at the Prom's in Bangor. The site allowed audience members to use their smart phones to get constant updates throughout the performances. The user could keep the site open and it updated in real time, with a kind of commentary or extra information about the performance. A CMS was also created for this as well that allowed the administrator to push new information to the audience members.


If you want to get in contact with me or to find out more about me just drop me a message and I'll get back to you soon.

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